I'm Zhang also known as ZhangJW. I'm an audio engineer, a board member of Pleasurize Music Foundation,
the creator & developer of Netaudio Index, the founder of Bypass Netlabel, as well as a hacker.

Some of my Javascript Audio Experiments:

My Netlabel also a Javascript terminal emulator (EPIC):
Bypass Netlabel website archives:

About Bypass Netlabel: Bypass Netlabel is an independent records net-label founded in 2008. Which has been
voted as one of the Top 5 Netlabels in 2009 on Phlow Magazine by Mogwai as n0theen radio, sonicsquirrel.net
and machtdose.de.

In Development:

About Netaudio Index: Netaudio Index has started in 2011.4 as a personal project of my, currently it can be
understood as a netaudio & netlabel music bulletin board as well as a resource platform.

My Music:

Yea, I make music also.


bypasslabel at gmail dot com or